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Optimus Prime has arrived. Find him further your chances of winning!

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Bot as a Service

Why should you use our platform?

Central Repository

Consolidate all bots in a secure place to avoid duplicated development

ETE Bot Management

Request existing bots, assistance, or submit new ideas for bots.


Collaborate with Bot developers and experts


Complete courses and take quizzes to earn points and level up


Redeem credits earned for prizes.

Our Crowd

Use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to bring new and innovative bot ideas to life using the power of the community.

ease of use is key

How do you use the platform?

Lets Have a look

New Arrivals

The wind beneath the wings of the marketplace

Meet the Transformers

Judy Sheik

Programme Manager

Don't tell me the skies the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.

Nishendran Govender

Architect and Design

Enjoy every moment, for in a moment it will become a happy memory.

Brandon Govender

Software Architect

Know yourself! Only then can you understand the power you have to bring change.

Krishin Pillay

Software Developer

Be prepared.

Aobakwe Mosweu

RPA Developer

The future belongs to those whose believe in the impossible.

Sachin Keshav

RPA Developer

When you truly understand the universe and the way it fits together, you quickly realise your power and influence over everything it contains

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